News 7Q. What is ekin Technology's role in smart cities today? ekin Technology is a leading technology developer of intelligent safe city and traffic management systems for smart cities. We offer a wide range of open platform software and hardware integrated end-to-end solutions that are fully designed, developed, manufactured, marketed and maintained by ourselves.

Q. What is the roadmap to achieving safe city?
It is very important to ensure the control of all data flows in the city in all public areas with a centralized control of all systems and forces. This can be achieved with a seamless integration of all systems, intelligence to analyze the data and deliver the needed information to the relevant posts for the right decision in a very short time. Thanks to our in-house R&D team, as ekin Technology we are well positioned to provide various city and traffic intelligence, surveillance and security needs all in under our brand to cities around the world.

Q. What are the main priorities for ekin Technology in urban development and the key challenges and objectives?
For ekin Technology, the key challenge and objective in urban development is to develop systems, which are seamlessly fully integrated, delivering automatically generated online data with data analysis. Thus, we will continue steadily broadening the range of our line-up of intelligent safe city and traffic management systems that will make use of the most advanced technology to match the intelligence, surveillance and security needs of smart cities.

Q. Which are the new technologies that will give optimum ROI in terms of ensuring city security?
Any intelligence, which helps to generate automated informations from the trillions of pictures and data in the system, will be among the technologies that will give optimum ROI in terms of ensuring city security. This is the perspective and motivation with which ekin Technology develops intelligent safe city and traffic management systems.

Q. How do safe city strategies integrate with a wider intelligent city agenda?
Safe city with safe traffic and intelligent traffic management systems is the basis for, and core of an intelligent city. Intelligent cities try to integrate physical, social, and digital dimensions of urban space, which is not possible without safe city, which in return, not possible, without intelligent traffic management systems that is part of such integration.

Q. How should technology be integrated across the different services to ensure safety and resilience?
Any technology integrated across the different services to ensure safety and resilience should be able to seamlessly "talk" to each other. As an example, the emergency call center needs to know location of the nearest forces, traffic situation and congestion road-works if there are any, while being fully integrated with the dynamic traffic management to assure green light on the way. Automated data sending to the smart phones of relevant users are also part of such integration.

Q. And finally you will be delivering a speech at 3rd Annual Intelligent Cities Summit in Istanbul on 11 December. Would you like to send a message to participants? I strongly believe that there is no smart city if you are not able to control the public roads and public areas. Any smart city investment should be integrated and able to talk and coordinate with the other systems in the ecosystem. That's the reason why safe city, safe traffic and intelligent transportation systems are inseparable and need to be integrated.

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