Dr. Osama El-Hassan Q1) How do you define a smart city? A smart city uses modern technology for the good of the community and the citizens. All data is open to everybody.

Q2) What are three main challenges facing cities in Finland?
 Segregation, lack of ideas and energy including bad IT systems.

Q3) How do you see the field of transportation contributing to the development of smarter cities?
 Transportation has a vital role. It is the nervous system and blood circulation of the city. We must bear in mind though that transportation itself is nothing. What we do after we are transported is what matters. Objectives are minimising the travel time and maximising the quality.


Q4) How do you see the smart cities field of transportation changing over the next ten years (what are the latest trends in transportation development)? Many changes will take place. We shall see the automated transportation system running by itself. I believe the he best of robotisation is yet to be seen. The very latest is the Digital Dialogue - Customers, Operators and Authorities working together. Customers are willing to help and engage if they are given an easy and beneficiary way to do it.


Q5) What are the key areas public or private sectors need to address to enable truly smart transportation solutions? The cities and city councils must define the strategy. Markets must be open for big and small businesses alike. All citizens should have access to vital services.


Q6) And finally, you will be delivering a speech at World Intelligent Cities Summit in Ankara on 13 December. Would you like to send a message to participants? I am very much looking forward to meeting You all. Thank You for the invitation. I have been to many conferences around the world but it is my very first time in Turkey.


Antti Vuorela, Head of Operational Research, Helsinki Region Transport

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